The project of textile decoration of the Penthouse apartment on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya

Luxury minimalism of the penthouse on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya – textile decor of the living room window by Fifth Avenue (architects - Boris Uborevich-Borovsky, Anastasia Dmitrieva and Anna Sycheva)

Thanks to panoramic windows, a penthouse apartment on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya street has an awesome view at: the city, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Vorobyevy hills and, most importantly, wonderful view of the Novodevichy convent. The authors of the project – architects Boris Uborevich-Borovsky (Ubdesign), Anastasia Dmitrieva and Anna Sycheva (now architect Duo «Match Architects» – wanted to create a comfortable living space that would work for this panoramic view while maintaining the overall architectural idea.

The basic principle of the planning decision of  apartment is a central housekeeping unit, which does not need a daylight, and a living space with a circular bypass built around it. With this solution, the light bathed not only the private rooms lined up along one of the glass facades (bedroom, office, nursery), but the rest of the room, united in a circular hallway in the common area, which occupies almost half the space: living room, dining room, spacious kitchen.

There are interiors for which an abundance of light, reflections and breathtaking views of the city would be fatal. But minimalism, designed by the architects of the project, solemn, expensive, built of rare and precious materials, in such conditions looks no less advantageous than any “hand sculpted Cellini Cup” in a museum showcase.

And, of course, the perfect complement of such interior common area has become a luxurious to touch, but visually laconic and discreet textile, framing the panoramic windows of the living and dining rooms that attracts no further attention, but it emphasizes the highest level of the project. The choice fell on curtains of a flawless 100% cashmere by De Le Cuona with Paisley print, softly and elegantly framing the daylight…

Photographer: Evgeny Luchin